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Rental Policy

IdentificationWe require a valid British Columbia driver’s license with picture and one additional piece of identification for every rental contract.

Deposit A Visa, Mastercard or American Express pre-authorization is required for each non-account rental contract. Debit or cash is also accepted but at a greater deposit amount.

PaymentNon-account customer invoices may be paid by Cash, Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

Rental Period

Before you sign the rental contract make sure you clearly understand the rental period and rates. We charge for time out not time used.

  • Some rental items have 2 or 4 hour minimum charges but this does not apply to all equipment.
  • The rental “Day” covers 24 Hours from time equipment was rented.
  • The rental “Week” covers 7 Days from time equipment was rented.
  • The rental “Month” covers 28 Days from time equipment was rented.
  • The “Overnight” charge is 4 Hours (Unless equipment has a 1 Day minimum). To qualify for “Overnight Rates” the equipment is to be rented in the last hour of the business day and returned the first hour of the next day.
  • All rentals beyond 28 days will be billed monthly.

Rental Conditions

1. Rentals are time out, not time used
2. Customer is to ensure that only qualified persons shall operate the rental equipment.
3. Rental rates subject to change.

Customer Responsibilities

1. Fuel and oil used in daily operation
2. Daily maintenance checks
3. Repair resulting from abuse of equipment, tire/track repairs, cleaning or repainting
4. Delivery Costs


1. Customer is responsible for all loss and damage to rental equipment while on contract.
2. Licensing and insurance will be customer's responsibility

Credit Application

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